Monday, August 13, 2012

God is so good.......... Amazing grace

After  a trip to beautiful town yesterday we saw the good news that gas came down a bit to 4.03.9   Good News...just    have to think and remember "God is the blessed controller of all things"....boy that is a hard one for me sometimes. Well maybe more than sometimes, sometimes..... :)

When I was younger about 35 years ago I had that plaque from a seminar that I gave to  my mon.  Not sure what happened to it but need it on my wall again.  

 "God is the blessed controller of all things"..

It is a beautiful fall like day outside. Well maybe a little warmer than fall.  
But on the  inside of our house it is cold feels like winter to me like the heat needs to be on.  But outside in the sun it is very warm. I call this crazy weather cause no matter how you guess what to wear you are wrong.  The one thing about the UP you all need to know if you come up here sometime......... GO NO Where Without A SWEATER OR SWEATSHIRT....even if it is 90 outside.  The weather can turn on a dime......and usually does. 

I never knew humming birds loved holly hocks so much.  We have had so many of them humming birds one day I counted about 11..  More than any year ever. Even more than when we had the  humming bird feeder. 
Took a picture of holly hocks but did not get any hummers in it.  :(  
The flowers will follow this post.  My girlfriend tells me I have an eccentric garden  mmmmmmmmmmmm just looked that up it may not be good...   irregular; 

erratic;peculiar; odd well 

mm I guess that does describe my garden.  Not that I planned  it to be that way.  It just grows and we mostly let it do what it wants to do..  I cannot bear to throw a flower out.  So not good at all at little rows little circles or big ones as far as that goes. 
Ok here are some pictures.

But first :  Gluten Free Pizza tonight.  Outstanding.  

Have a blessed weekend.  
God is good ...........all the time
All the time God is good.  

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