Friday, October 26, 2012

RE: Love letter to you....Lord

Thankful......Praise and worship....
Thankful for good news....(cancer gone)
..thankful for safe trips. (Green Bay)
Thankful for grand daughter turning 16 today. (R)
Thankful for great friends.... And family....
Praise for Mr. I love Mr. Sun
Have you ever met anyone who does not love the sun.???  
We do not think we have. 
There is something about the sun and water.  People flock to it........
  Let there be light..  So thankful for light...
Raysha is 16 today..  What an age she looks like 19 the girls sure look like women fast now days.  She has had some rough years Lord.  We need to and do  intercede for her.  Such a kind wonderful spirit.   We are so thankful that she blesses our life.  We keep her in prayer all the grands   all our family...that they might learn to know you and depend on you.  That you are the Father ...  You are always there. 

I pray that this might reach one....  To think that You would have came and died for Just One.  Such love such grace. 
Thankful for the little surprises.  The gifts you bestow on us.

For walking in a store and seeing a book on Gluten Free living.  So helpful.  It truly is a book for Dummies.  Thankful for the mind.  Always learning no matter what age we are.
Being Gluten Free for three months now.  It has been an interesting journey.  Not a real easy one.

Help me Lord help me.  Learn and also teach those also going through this walk.    Praise to you.
In Your precious name

Gluten free three months now. 
Most helpful advice so far people have given me:
Drink sparkling water when there is an oops....granted to me it was an acquired taste.  It did not come right away.  But now it is enjoyed so far kept me away from coke.  Which may be an addiction of mine.
Also:  Research the Internet.  What did we do before it???  It is like having the biggest library in the world at your finger tips. 
Learn and focus on what you can eat...Not what you can not eat.  This has been most helpful
And have a plan:  What to say when asked to someone's house and not sound rude or kind. 
What you can order in a restaurant...
How to eat frugal....this is my next challenge as everything gluten free seems so much more money. 
But Fresh fruits and Vegetable and plain meat is always the best option for me. 
We discovered Woodmen's grocery store in Green Bay on our medical journey.  What an awesome place and it is employee owned.  It would be such a blessing for so many to have something like that in the UP.   
God is good all the time......
      All the time God is good..


My good friend text me yesterday  Liver cancer    We never know how fast our life can change Praying 🙏🙏🙏