Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Teaching by Joyce.....

My Joyce notes...................The fruit of the spirit's main trust is LOVE
Joy Gladness Peace, Temper, Kindness, Faithfulness,  Gentleness, Self control.....

Love is just not a word.  It is the way we treat people.  Learn to be a good fruit Inspector ....You will know them by there fruit.  Pay attention to the fruit in our life?

Self Control:  You can control yourself if you really want to ??

Lean to control yourself.  Love God so much you do not even know how to tell Him..   Do it out of Love,  Self control is your friend.  Not your enemy.....

Any area you are weak in prayer and ask for help ahead of time.  Pray and be with God every morning.  Start your day right.
God I need....Develop a habit spending time with Jesus.  God please help me...  You have not because you ask not.

Say the right stuff...  I am a person of self control.  Do not spend money you do not have.  I keep a clean house.  Pray God help me.  Help me God help me.

Not a very disciplined person?   Do not think it or talk it.  Stop agreeing with the devil ... I have self control.  I operated in self control.  God helps me control myself.  Prayer, Praise and thank you Lord.  Bare fruit.  God gives self control.

The love of Christ controls us... How do you handle money?
Get out of debt...stay out of debt.

What we speak into others, this is what they become.

We are personal representives: do it even when you  Dont feel like it becasue you want to represent Him well...

Get out of your house and go be a blessing to someone...

To God Be The Glory