Saturday, November 3, 2012

Re The day after and OOPS day with Gluten...

Gluten Free:
Being Gluten free for three and a half months now has sometimes been a challenge...
maybe more than a challenge

  I have prayed Lord help me much more than once or twice. 
Finding out every day new and helpful things.
 Did you know there is Gluten in some tea bages.

 My friend Sandy told me it is usually the ones that are glued not stapled together.    Sigh..... TEA BAGS???????
The most interesting thing about when you state the journey is that you feel better almost instantly..... And the longer you are on it ....(for a lot of people)  the more sensitive you become. Crazy but it seems to be true.
Also found out you really should see a dietician..
It can be hard to have a balanced diet, and get all your vitiamins and minerals.  They fortify white flour.

 But not gluten free flours. 
I just found Teff......  Never even heard of it before.  More to be reported on this new purchase when I find out now what I can do with it....  :)
Interesting and learning so much on this new walk.

  But over all feel great.

 For me it is an easy walk most of the time because I feel so much better..

actually like a new a teenagers...well wait maybe not.

Better than I felt even in my teen years......not that is stretching the memory wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  back.....  
Found sparkling water and now think it is my new addiction.

 Trying to go to normal water and drink it but it seems it just sits in the glass...

.did read somewhere the carbonation can help calm down an oops.

  Belive me I have had oops....with a big OOOPS...
Have a great day and wonderful weekend. 
And always always remember:

God is good all the time......
      All the time God is good..

To God Be The Glory