Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer where oh where art thou???

Well it is raining again and 46 outside.

 Trees and plants are beautiful and green and lush.

 Our lettuce is fantastic. Everything else outside is looking like it needs a jacket. brrrrrrr

We finally turned in our cable box and our cable modem.

  BBoy was dancing. Now we will have a bigger chunk of change to put towards food, heat, meds. He thinks just the stress of what to watch with all the channels gets to be to much. I must confess the dancing with the remote at night will not be missed by some people. :)

We have netfix and love it. Last night we watched a movie on the computer. It really works out pretty great. We are going to try and fig out how to hook the monitor to the TV set. We did get a bigger TV last Jan. Watching it on the small computer monitor does leave a lot to be desired.

 But on our mission of simple living this seems to be a good start. We have a long way to go.

With 8 months of winter and fall we are not willing to give up the movies..........at least yet.

We are having our annual garage sale. This is our second and all the proceeds goes to the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Our spare bedroom is already over ran with stuff. Boy do we have the stuff.
We had three family's bring in their things yesterday and it already looks like it will be a very big sale. We are saying a prayer for nice weather. But whatever it will be a fun time of fellowship.

Java is calling...........

God Is Good...................................... All the Time.......

To God Be The Glory