Friday, December 25, 2009

Dec 25 Merry Christmas to all.....

Thanks Doug and Mary Jo for this piece of wood Lar tuned into a much needed bigger table.
now I have room for my computer. This table is stationary. Its great
Our Rosie Christmas tree.........thanks to Bil..... the angel came from Mobile.
Lar in a fine mood trying to decorate up for Christmas.. Maybe he has had to much sun???
We broke down and got a TV the first one was a new 7 inch one which was wAY small.
So we took our Christmas money from the kids and added to and got a 19 inch one.  It is great we can set at the table or lay in bed and watch tv now.  We really missed Christmas service at home but we are enjoying the no snow part of this vacation. 
It has been 50-60's weather wise and very windy the last few days.  But thats ok it rocked us to sleep.

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