Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rosie's On the Road Again

Rosie came out of hibernation and we went to Rockport today.
I fell in love with the town. It was way cool.
We are going back for some more day trips. But was so busy looking totally forgot to take pictures. We have
never been to the keys in FL but for some reason that is what came to my mind in this town.
We picked up a tiny and I mean tiny TV it is a seven inch LCD mini cable ready TV. It is going back to the store today.
Way way to small for these old peoples eyes.
We also saw the biggest DQ we have ever seen in Fulton. Fulton and Rockport kind of run together. We stopped at Chamber of Commerce and some women told us we could take a fairy out and drive down to Padra Island. You would not have to drive through Corpus Christi. We decided we may do this next year.
We were late coming back to Park but the lights around were beautiful. I thought I saw a great big elk or something.
Lar thinks it was some kind of cattle in five foot brush.. All you could see were the horns. I yelled so loud he almost drove off the road.
We came back fixed dinner and than received the bad news from our good friends Diane and Jerry Pierce. That they lost there great grand baby. He fought for four months a courageous fight to live. He is now spending Christmas with Jesus this year.
Please pray for them and their family at this most difficult time.

We really are enjoying our trip and staying in Rosie is getting easier. Even with a 65# dog. Larry is going to make us a new dinning table. Then I will have a mini office at one side of the table. Yippeeee Made a make shift one out of a tv tray and yip compter and all came tumbling down on top of Nyla. So dont try that idea it was a bad one. :(
Oh yeah I almost forgot Tony and Donna the DQ is a big thing down here and we saw the biggest DQ we have ever seen.
We took a picture to send to you.
We miss all our family and friends.........but we are having a great time. There are waves of homesickness I must confess.
The weather has been great and the mosquitos have been greater. There is a fresh hatch and it seems like spring in Michigan.

God is good.............all the time...
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To God Be The Glory