Thursday, December 17, 2009

As 2009 draws to an end this is my personal reflection on the year.

This has been a very busy full year. At times very bitter sweet as life goes. With family members going on to be with the Lord and resting now in heaven and many friends joining them. People have said it is our age but not all of them have been old or even close to it. RIP

We declared it the year of fun the begining of the year and for the most part it has been a dream come true.

This is my very personal reflection on 2009


      2009  The year of the snow flake       Our front yard in the UP of Michigan...much much more to come
                                                          My Honey at the end of the drive way
Another view from our front yard.Posted by Picasa

Jet came into our life for a very short time.  Man I loved this dog but he was a chewie chewer...LJ highly disliked him.. so he was in our life a very short time but got a wonderful home placement

The snow never stopped.

Just kept on snowing

We got our Honey the end of Feb.
The day after we brought her home LJ slipped and tore his Rotator cuff....

For the very first time I got to use the snow blower.  It was so fun...
Our new Honey is buried in the back ground...

Jess homecoming and Senior year at Basketball.
giving his mom a flower and his dad a candy bar.

Jess , Randie and We are very thankful for our son Sam


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