Sunday, December 13, 2009

A day of rest in Port O'Connor Tx

The beach was full of Jelly fish
LJ and Dennis at the end of the pier on a Public beach
LJ and Dennis
We had a very foggy damp cool day. No sun yet. I think we left the sun in FL. We drove around
the town and went to the was very foggy to see far but it was fun.
We took a much needed nap..............snore snore. Than we went to the club house LJ watched a football
game and we worked a puzzle.
Back to Rosie for a dinner of boiled shrimp yum yum.. Have not had shrimp in years. Most of it is sprayed with a chemical I am allergic to..
It is important to buy USA Shrimp....a lot of our shrimp now days is imported from if you eat shrimp BUY USA shrimp please........

God is good .............all the time
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