Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Dec 11. 2009 Down in the Bayou......

Today was a great day.
We started out from Southern Oaks Mobile Home and RV Community park in Gulf Port Mississippi. 
It was just like being in a mobile home park.
Not a campground.  But we were thankful for a
stop over. 
We are now headed west..towards Texas
. it is a bit chilly....45  sweat shirt weather for sure. 
 We ran into a bit of a snag at Baton Rouge LA and
it took 45 min or more to go three miles. 
 So we got off the  interstate and took a side road 
 into Baton Rouge. 
After 10 or so miles we than drove back  towards the interstate and got onto I10
the congestion had cleared up. 
We crossed the Mississippi here was awesome.
Than we went on the most amazing bridge. 
 It went over the bayou for over 18 miles. 
Nothing but bog swamp and trees some almost
covered with water. I can not imagine
the cost to put this in. 
We had put our campground in the gps
it was at a Passport campground at Kinder La
The GPS took us on one wild ride.  Which
it has been known to do more than once.
 But it was so interesting. 
We went on some very interesting
backroads.  It is very flat here and very wet.
Actually very very very wet.......
They flood the fields harvest rice 
and after the rice is harvested
they flood the fields again and harvest crayfish..
 They have the most interesting thing to
harvest the crayfish. I will
try and get a picture of it tomorrow on the way
out.  They put down metal baskets
 and this man driven machine picks up the baskets
and harvests the crayfish.  It almost looks like a
swamp boat to me...
Also they grow lots of sugar cane.  It is very wet in the fields.  We are about 15 miles from the Interstate and
about 30 miles from Texas border. 
This is a great park and very clean. 
 Very quiet and friendly people. 
 They had fema people here and they have
 left now and they may be coming back. 
We didn't go to New Orleans. 
There are flash flood warning out
 and we didn't want to get caught in another
rain storm like the other day.  They were saying
three to five inches. 
We have been gone a month now and went 3,800 miles.
It has been one great trip. We have seen so much
in the last month it is hard to remember everything.
We have decided not to go to Eureka springs and
Texarkana for a month as we had planned. 
 The trip up to Eureka Springs for the Passion Play
is not held in the winter months.  So LJ will have to wait now. Maybe on the way home we can do that one.
They have a Christmas Turkey dinner but I am
sure we can find one a bit closer.  And maybe
a whole lot warmer
No internet will post this when we can.
# end
SJ and LJ
90D190V Roadtrek
travel blog
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