Monday, December 7, 2009

12/7/09 Ford and Edison Winter Estates

This is one tree. there is one bigger in USA and that is in Hawaii.
the largest in the World is in India and covers 14 acres...Genus/Species: Banyan Tree - Ficus Benghalensis

Height: 62
Girth: 32
84 years old

Historical significance:

This tree was given to Thomas Edison in 1925 by Harvey Firestone and was only 4 feet tall at the time.

Planter: Thomas Edison

Edison and Fords winter Estate is in FT. Myers and well worth
a visit. We were there three hours. The landscaping is awesome.
This is a famous picture of the Swaim brothers...seeing if they can get a new
invention idea from the inventor.

Just could not stop taking pictures of this one tree... I wanna climb it...
First jukebox...
I neve knew Edison invented so many things. Over a thousand. It was very interesting to see how he made rubber from golden rod.

He was great friends with Ford, and Firestone.
I really liked the Ford house the best it was beautiful. Maybe cause there was more wood work in it.

We had a great day came back to Naples and Ron took us to Naples Pier.

Came home to Venison Pot Pie and it was tastie....

Tomorrow will do laundry and clean. It will be sad to leave but we sure did have a great time with BIL

Nyla has been so spoiled and she likes Naples she told me so last night... :)
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