Saturday, December 5, 2009

Leaving Naples on Tuesday

This is a very beautiful friend of Ron's taking up residence in the lani....
crab like orbital spider....... Celsie is her name...

LJ said today we are leaving Naples on Tuesday. We are heading for Arkansas. this will be the camping side of the trip...we have had a  really
great time with Ron.    It has been wonderful spending the last few weeks with him..

We went shopping this am...lots of great fruits and veg here.

Today in the am we had .lots  of rain.

But they  need the rain here pretty bad so it is a very good thing. .

                                   Ron rescue of Larry from the gators.......

We rode through Naples today and it is so beautiful.  Everything is so green.

Think its a good day to take a nap..Larry said Rosie still has a few leaks. Not to major..boy oh boy is it hard to get the leaks fixed but it is not at all bad.
 She is all cleaned up now and ready to hit the road.

Hope both Loren and Dennis had a great birthday yesterday.

Both of them right now could  be shoveling snow   (smile)
and one of these men  is  in Texas.

Now thats pretty funny....

Crazy weather....

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