Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On the Road Again leaving FL

The brothers cleaning the pool
a picture of Ron in front of house with Nyla
A beautiful rose from Bil and LJ

Putting the pool to bed..........
It was an absolutely perfect day. The weather was perfect the sky was perfect. We relaxed around the house and watched a movie.
Tomorrow we are going to start are camping journey.
Wrote Eurkeka Springs a letter to see about tickets. The last showing is the 19th so we have lots of time. So our journey begins
it looks like we may run into some storms but rain not snow. at least we hope not.

Rosie got her oil changed and she is ready to go.

So we will be signing along with Willie Nelson.........ON THE ROAD AGAN

Thanks to BIL for such a wonderful stay. We sure have enjoyed being with you the last few weeks.
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