Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wed. December 9th

We are now at Robertsdale Al
in a PassPort America park. 
 I love this area.  People are so nice and
It may be the clerk at the store or
the gas attendent.
  They go out of their way
to be nice....
The south is amazing.
It is morning  early and very very cool. 
 Glad we did not ship the winter clothes
 home. Met a very nice man from
Grand Rapids.  They left the same day
we did.  They stay around here every
we changed time and are now we
are an hour earlier.
  It was a great day yesterday
we went through the most amazing
rain storm and it lasted a long time.
Tried to get some pictures but not sure
 if they turned out.
I will post pictures later 
 no wifi right at site. 
There is in meeting house so maybe we
will take a walk up there later.
 We watched a movie last night.
 Both very tired so maybe we will
 hang around here another day. 
 There is a big Bass Pro shop in Mobile
 going to see if LJ would like
to go there. They have a huge aquarium
there.  sounds very interesting.

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