Friday, December 11, 2009

What a day in Mobile now on to spelling that. :)

 After a morning hike around our campground we decided to stay  around Mobile for the day.
Catch an early campground and enjoy the sites. Did this happen??????  Well guess again...........

We searched out a Bass Pro store for a few hours it was in Spanish Fort, AL .  We could
have really spent all day there. This was a beautiful store with beautiful waterfalls inside.  Two huge aquariums.  One of them salt water the other one fresh water. Never have seen a store so decorated.  Our sons would have loved it and probably still been there. 
After good two hours we were getting tired and thought we would go to WalMart pick up a Micro Wave and get and early campground.
We had decided to get rid of the toaster oven.   It  was way to hot and close to wall  and LJ did not like this. We stopped at a Salvation army to drop it off . It was the biggest Salvation army we have ever seen. But on this stop we did  picked up a few very small decorations for our Rosie tree....

.thanks to Bill.for our first Rosie tree.

I will post a picture of it when we get it decorated.

We were than on a simple mission to Walmart get a new micro wave if we could find one small enough to fit in Rosie new empty spot.

After going in circles for a hour and I mean prob an hour.........we did find a Wally world. LJ was amazing
I would have said forget it and left but he was persistent and we did finally find the store.
  We found one...........Hip Hip Hooray...........................
and believe me

 it would prove to be  much easier than finding a campground

. Wowzer....this Wally world......was it busy.
 We talked with the clerk and she said everyday was like this one.
We ask her what Christmas was like and she just rolled her eyes.

 Everyone is so friendly here.
All the carts were gone and some real nice lady came up and gave me hers... 

Thank you nice lady.

Now on to the Campground search........................

The first campground was not acceptable to us it was in town with many many barking dogs right next door. We could have reached out and touched the moblie home.

We decided to go down the road a few miles to the next one
was even there. 

We than drove out of Mobile from the unacceptable campgrounds  and proceeded to get lost.......

Yes even with a gps. and Delorme on the computer.

 Soon Gazelda....our Gps found I10 and we were back on a roll.

I think we walked 5 miles today..we were very tired had no lunch yet and no campground.
 We drove to on to Mississippi......just a few miles and we would be relaxing and enjoying a late lunch...

well remember that rain storm the other day?????  It hit here big time.

One campground we were going to the road was closed and phone disconnected
so we drove on to the other one a few miles away which we found out wasclosed because it had  flooded. 

So after four campgrounds and no place to stay, we must have sounded tired and exhausted.
The lady at the last campground  called around on the phone till she found us a place to stay . It was back east a few exits and  it was at a Mobile home park. But we were so grateful we did not care just a place to park.  .
  We drove back to this park  and was greeted by a great man who was so a accommodating.  He drove us to our spot and it was on a perfect level cement pad , Thank you Lord for small favors and big ones. He than went  and unlocked the front office so we could take a shower........but we were much to exhausted to shower.  fell into bed at 6:45 and  we were out for the night.  snore snore.....

It was a great day around Mobile and one we will not forget.

We are very thankful.  And we were shown true Southern Hospitality. 

We do have internet here at the park so when one goes to bed at 6:45 pm this person at least is up very the middle of the night
 and it is catch up time. 

We were thinking of  going down 90 and in to New Orleans today but with the flooding not so sure.
 We may just head towards Texas.
  And get some down time to rest up...
It has been a great trip and we are thankful for a safe Journey ...........

God is good ......................all the time.......

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