Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fri ........................on to the Bayou

Rosie the next morning  in a mobile home park feeling very out of place, but very happy
for a very nice lady , and a very nice man finding us a place to park in Mississippi after a very long day..  :)

On to the Bayou.............

Miles and miles on this road. This is truly southern LA
Cajun Land...

I love this land.  We have so much to see in USA it is great.  For example in this area

.  Cajun Country
When French speaking Catholic Acadians of Eastern Canada refuse to swear allegiance to the
British crown in the mid 1700's, their penalty was deportation.  The king of Spain offered them
land grants in the Louisiana Territory,  in Alligator filled swamps, unnavigable coastal marshes and barren prairies.   And guess what...  Cajun Country folks actually have thrived along these swamps, marshes, prairies and the Gulf Coast for two and a half centuries.
 Cajuns don't live in floating boathouses much anymore, but they have built communities so water-dependent, it's a marvel to behold. 
(taken from This is Lousisiana tour guide 2009)
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