Friday, December 18, 2009

Mon afternoon, Tue, Wed, Thur Rain Rain Rain and more Rain

Well this week it has been raining...  It is a good thing we are in a great park with a club house. 
I guess it is a good thing as they had a drought this summer and now everything is getting beautiful and green.
The one thing with snow.... you can go out and play.. :)  With Rain it is so much harder.  You can go out and get wet.

We meet in the club house in the evening and last night our host cooked up some crab and shrimp rolls.  along with snacks everyone brought.  The guys watched the football game and played pool.  We worked a puzzle. 

We did go into Port Lavaca  the other day and get some  grub... I have more grub than roon in here. 

Well today the sun is supposed to shine..  I am up waiting with my camera...  Kind of forgot what it looks like.

Yesterday I was a tad crabbie..... almost wanted to go home.  But sleep and the promise of sun shine.
does wonders.

Have a great day and get ready for a very Merry CHRISTmas...................

To God Be The Glory