Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec 28 Monday off to explore

We liked this so decided it was a beautiful sunny day..(windy)but sunny so we took a picture of it.
This is the coolest hardware down in old town Port LaVaca they had all kinds of old hardware stuff. Kinda like a Heaths we used to have back home. Only this one has antique prices on its old wares. Lar loved this store. It was a man's kinda store.
Old Town Port LaVaca it is pretty neat. Very quiet we went in a few antique store and bummed around. Went down to the beach and had an inside looking out picnic... to windy to go outside. One thing great about Rosie. You never have to hurry to get home. Cause Home you always are. mmmmmmmmm not sure that is correct English but you get my drift?
Where ever you go there you are. With all your meds all your food. This is pretty great when you are like me and forget things.
You can never leave anything home cause its always with you..... sigh................mmmmmm maybe I need more sleep.
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