Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunny to Rockport

A very chilly cold (freezing)day in Texas,  but on the good side............the sun is out and smiling.  :)
We went to Rockport yesterday afternoon to the 15th annual southern gospel fest.  It was great.
It is a three day event in Rockport .  The groups started singing at 10 am yesterday and it was going till 9:00 last night
We were there in the afternoon for three and half hours and watched three or four groups the last one was the Down East Boys.  They were from North Carolina.They were awesome.  It was a great time of thousands of people who love the Lord.  We didn't think we were going to get in.people came and left all the time so we were able to get two seats together. 
We shopped earlier for some supplies.  Broke down and bought a toaster. 
We have been cooking our toast in a skillet and it works great.  But Larry is the toast monster.  So this makes it so much easier making toast..  We had a brand new one at home but didn't bring it for lack of room.  But if you are camping and have electric like we do here a toaster is a great  asset. 
Stopped on the way home at is a picture of the chili dog Larry ordered,  he was so surprised.  But they do say everything is big in Texas don't they.
Texas DQ Chili Dog.............let see you eat five of these Tony... :)
This really was bigger than it even looks....

If you read on the french fry box it says" That's What I like about Texas...."
I like that a bout Munising also....  How many days Tony and Donna....????

God is good.....................................all the time.

Happy Anniversary to Sam and Connie.........6 years  :)

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