Friday, January 1, 2010

May Peace be Upon you.

wow Dec 22 where did this year go?
This has been a very  bitter sweet year.

We have new member of our family in heaven this year. And many friends. also . We miss them.  Christmas can be and is  such a lonely time for so many people. 

We pray for their familys.  May Peace reside with each and every one.  We pray we might be used in some way to reach out and be a blessing to them.

It is sometimes hard to remember how fast life can change.  In a heartbeat it can change forever.

Such a blessing we have received from our family and all our  friends.  Some old ones and some brand new ones.  It is so great to greet each day and see what is in store for today.
 I don't believe in conincidences and do really  believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes things are  just for a season. 
 life is so short.
Don't wait till tomorrow to do that fun thing today.  Stop and smell the roses.
And the one thing new to our life is

It really is the journey of the trip not just the destination. 
But the destination will be awesome
This has been a wonderful year. 

I love Christmas and it is very hard to be away from our family.  Will miss our candlelight service Christmas eve.  it is always so beautiful. 

Another nice day.  In was in the 70's. 

These Texan's sure do take care of their seniors.  No frozen meals on there senior day. They bring the food down from Port Lavaca.  Today is is Salisbury steak.. last week it was catfish.

It is so hard to find room for everything in Rosie.  Not sure she is big enough for living in her in for months.
Very glad there is a club house.

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