Friday, January 1, 2010

Changes to Rosie Roadtrek

A few Changes we made to Rosie
We took out the front table and put in a perm rectangle one that went all the way to the side wall on driver side. (That made room for a small desk area for my net book. This was a wonderful change for me. I love it.
(this idea did not pan out we took out the table and put back the RT one.  It can be taken down at night and gives Nyla much more room to sleep_
We keep our bed made all the time. We brought two down blankets. A light one and a heavy one (this was a very good thing)
We have bought seven or eight hooks. Put two on the shelf in front window to hang jackets, hats, etc at night. Screwed two in front on the sides for damp towels.
Took out hanging closet and put in shelves. The top one all across we keep meds, towels, kitchen towels, wash clothes, etc.
on three shelves Larry put up where our hanging closet was .we did buy extension rods and a big shower tension rod for the top. After I forgot to lock the door and everything came tumbling out on the floor in the beginning of trip.
We bought a rubber coated spice rack and mounted it on the wall in the kitchen
Larry put up a counter that drops down from the closet and hooks on the kitchen shelf. This is a must in my opinion for long time camping.. We put in a 10 inch oak shelf bought at Menards before we left he hung it with piano hinges. It matches our cabinets. He wishes he would have chosen the 12 inch wide board..
A 19 inch TV mounted on the swing arm for us has worked great. We can see it from the front without straining eyes or watch it in from the bed.
We pack our winter clothes in the passenger seat behind the driver. Kept the area in the other passenger seat for gifts,
Travel books, pecans :) , sea shells things we buy along the way.
In the back his clothes on one side, mine on the other.
Same as the side shelfs in front
one side is for him one side for me
We also put up a paper towel holder.
We travel with a 70# dog and that has been a real challenge for her and for us. We hook her outside when ever poss.and the weather is nice. She is not leashed at home but she is a very good dog just very big.
put a quick connect on water from our local hardware

Things we have learned

things have to be picked up and put back

the old rule a place for everything and everything in its place is very true for our Rosie
.Only one person in the kitchen or up and moving at a time
We have three more months to we will see what changes that brings.
5200 miles in this trip and so far we love Rosieroadtrek....we have had her since Aug and pretty much been on trips ever since.
We brought way to much........we have given a lot away. Still have way to many clothes with us.
this is just what works for us I am sure everyone would be different.

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