Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec 29 Oops didn't bring camera.....

Today was a cold yucky rainy cold , cold day. If it made it to 50 we were lucky.  Did I say it was cold ???

   But no snow and thankfully didn't have to shovel any. It was 9 at home so how could I complain????
 And we are thankful they are getting all this water for their drought situation. ( Sure won't be no drought now.  :)

We go on Tue to the Community Center to eat and play bingo.

 I tell you they treat their seniors good in Texas.  We have some of the best meals.

 Today was home made  Texas Meatloaf mashed potatoes Green Beans,  and some Yummy cake. All for 3 dollars.   Than we play bingo.  It was so fun as we have a very crazy gang of old farts.  Now this is just our gang.  Everyone from here is super nice and friendly...  We all won at Bingo.  We ended up with two big bags of Pecans and a wicker basket.  They set up a table that you can take anything off of it and we picked up a couple of Texas Highways.  One of them is on wildflowers.  To bad we will not be here the end of April.  One lady brought in a  basket of grapefruit and gave it away so we have some good grapefruit right off the tree for breakfast.

After eating our selfs real real full.  We came back to park.  Good day for a nap.

Today is Mary Jo's Birthday and Annivesary (well actually Doug's heart day also).  We were going to bake her a cake.  But she does not want one she wants Baker Boys bread.  So Lar baked seven loafs of bread in the afternoon.  There was only one left.   I wanted to get water ballons for birthday ballons but LJ would not let me.....what a spoil sport.  So we just got Happy Birthday ones.  We practiced and practiced and sang her a song for her birthday ...we were so good considering American Idol next year..  JK  it was to the toon of  Old my darling Clemetine. 

Mary Jo's hubby Doug made dinner for all he made some great.  Texas Taco Bean Soup.  He made one not so spicey and a pan  that was a tad warm.  They were both great.

   After a great evening of BS ing we came home and watched "The Boss" get honored at the Lincoln center.  (Rick Springstein) He is one talented man.  It was great.

Talked to son to top off a great day.

 We are going to go and get General delivery today for mail.  So now for a month we can get our mail at Port OConnor.
Tomorrow we are making Pasty in club house..... These Texasns don't know what they are.  sigh.... :)

One thing about Beacon 44 you don't come here to lose weight.......

God is good.......................all the time...

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My good friend text me yesterday  Liver cancer    We never know how fast our life can change Praying 🙏🙏🙏