Saturday, January 2, 2010

We had a new years Texas BBQ last night

Our Park Beacon 44 has a potluck about once a week....last night at 5:30ish we had a Texas BBQ we had BBQ ribs, and some other meat.  Along with lots of other food.  YUM YUM  but.....................

We are eating way to this week is a new beginging.

It was way cold last night but it was so beautiful outside.  Full moon and stars.  Today the sun is showing her beautiful face.  Love it love it.......50 degrees today.  they are saying average is 62 so it is colder than normal.  But it is not below zero   :)

Supposed to get real cold later this week.  May hit freezing 28-32

 we stay way cozy in Rosie and do not use the heat at night at all.  It gets hot in here in a very short time. 

We are really loving the tv and it is big enough to see from the captains chairs or from the bed..  19 inch was just right for us. 

We bought a few more hooks and going to get a few more.  You can never have to many hooks in Rosie. 
Found a holder for paper towel and our tiny house is getting better all the time.

Like I said we brought way to many clothes.  Packed summer clothes away yesterday now lots more room.
The Roadtrek has amazing storage.  As long as things are put back and everything has a place it works great.

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