Sunday, January 6, 2013

Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy

Love love love Sundays....
A day to reflect, to praise and be thankful...
A day like no other
Prayers today for a very special mom who I don't even know her name.

  She is carrying a baby that has her brain on the outside of her body.... Praying for a miracle..  Praying for God's will for her baby who if she cannot be saved to walk on this earth may be an organ donor for many other baby's fighting to live.  Praying for peace for this couple.  Praying for a miracle.  God you love this baby more than an anyone.  She is your child.  Mom and dad also know this.  But such a journey each kick in mom.....who has decided to carry her full term if possible.  Praise God for mom's like this.... 
So thankful for our pastor....who is so humble and so caring.
Praise for our gathering place.
Thankful for the gift of water.....the water of baptizing, the water of drinking and the water of bathing.  The water of swimming.  The rain falling down the water of new birth
Of seeds bursting forth....bringing up the promise of green.
Thankful for sowing.............and also for reaping.....      Amen
God is good all the time......
      All the time God is good..

graphic from Incredimail

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My good friend text me yesterday  Liver cancer    We never know how fast our life can change Praying 🙏🙏🙏