Friday, January 18, 2013

Seeds at Menards for 1.00

Today's Bargain:                 20 packs of seeds for a dollar.......  :)

OK every year I buy these seeds...
Never have I seen them 20 packs for a dollar.
Now how could one go wrong.......when LJ just bought a tomato small
for 3.29 cents.....???????  
do they grow?  Yes
If I get one tomato these will pay for themselves.
wow what a deal......
Am I a seed fanatic?  well maybe...but seeds do last
and the amazing thing is these are heirlooms.
Get your seeds today and watch for them.
It is  a good thing as Martha would say ...  :)

Thankful today
For seeds
for Menards
for a car to get to town...

God is good all the time
All the time God is good.  

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