Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year Blessings on Our Year

Blessing on our year...

May we have 

a Year of Grace

  A Year of God's Blessing

 A Year of seeking Him more

  A Year of inter Peace even among turmoil.  

May we have a heart to Bless others.

May we learn to listen to those hurting

May we have the power to stay busy Blessing with our mouth. 
( numbers Chapter 6: )
Say out loud 
God I bless this day in Jesus name
I bless my husband
my children 
my grandchildren
Bless Me
Lord give us Peace...

May we learn the power of words
in 2014....

James 3:10
Do not say anything neg
Bless this day

We have more authority than anyone else does.  Speak positively..   

Overturn the neg others try to make.
Deut 28:

What an exciting time to be alive

God is good .....all the time

All the time........God is good....

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