Friday, April 3, 2015

As Blogger Go on a road less traveled

     Truly one of the roads less traveled....................

As bloggers go mmmmm  I rank right up there as probably as one of the worst.  Also as spelling goes and heck even correct grammar its not that great.. Thank you Lord for spell checkers...  One thing this has always been is a blog from the heart.  
mmmmm   For years my blog goes good for a week or two but than off for a month or two.  Or maybe a year or more...  :)  Not even going to say this will change.  But one day at a time...  

As this old blog is ageing and I am amazed people are reading some very old posts.  It dawns on me that these  blogs may last a very very long time.  

So as I start  on this new journey of my life the Lord has laid on my heart to write on  approaching my winter years...... (big 70 this year)  It definitely is a different stage of life things are changing.  Many days as this winter approaches I see the snow flying... and that is literal.

What a wonderful life its been......  and then it dawned on me how difficult and impossible life it would have been without the Lord.  He is teaching me to not live for tomorrow. To stay into today.  It could be the last one here on this earth.  

I love what Billy Graham's grandson  quoted from his grandfather.   
 "This is what my grandfather has said concerning his own death, he said, 'One day you will hear that Billy Graham has died.' He said, 'Don't believe it. On that day I will be more alive than I ever will be.' And that's the truth and that's why he preaches, because this life is only the setup for the life to come."

So if you care to........ follow me on the journey on taking one day at a time.   Rejoicing with each breathe we take......

May God Bless your day......

catch up time....

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