Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its gonna be a long long winter

Every day for over thirty days it has snowed. Baker Boys never ending job is running the snow blower. We have had over 113 inches so far. Throw in a little rain one day and a ton of ice.
Snow has been on the ground for a long long time.
It seems like I get green starved........maybe .that is why my house has a lot of green in it.
Yet reflecting back my flowers in my window box last summer were all white. (go figure) It has been very cold outside. The old woodcook stove is doing her job...I love having hot water all the time and not having to pay for it. Sometimes I put on a big kettle and pour it in the washing machine. Its great.

Baker boy is sleeping and all is quiet outside. It was a wonderful Christmas, Such a special time.

Seeds are ordered........can not wait to start them.. Going to town and buy some dirt.

That is one thing that is wonderful about the four season's. You appreciate the smells. And nothing smells any better than dirt..........ok I lied... Bread smells pretty darn good.

To God Be The Glory