Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Boy Puppy

We had our puppy neutered yesterday. Boy oh boy wish I could jump back like that after surgery. He is a bundle of energy and the knife did not slow him down one min. He did enter the house and promptly walk over to his new bed and pee on it...................ahhhhhhhhhhhh Its like he said....."MMMM see I know what you tried to do..........didn't work. "
We have had such a struggle house training this little guy. Everyone said getting him fixed would do the trick.... well time will tell...

The vet did tell me it may take a month before he stops marking his territory. Which I feel is My territory not his.... the last time he did this well he did go to the bathroom and mark the toilet... 

he just did not raise the lid. :)

To God Be The Glory