Friday, January 9, 2009


We have been super busy here canning. We have canned some turkey and some chicken we found a good sale price. It is nice to have meat canned for a quick meal. Or for on short months when there is not that much money floating around.

Today we are canning dried beans. It has been my experience that it is better to can them to keep them dried. If they get old they are just way to hard to get them to soften up.. Sometimes impossible.

Then an ah ha moment hit me. I have four boxes of empty canning jars. Maybe more. What a waste to leave them empty. The next few weeks we will be buying more beans and meats to put in them. Why store empty jars???? We will can them now on the wood stove which will save resources. And also I love it cause it keeps the house so toasty warm. Must be all that steam.

I read on someones web site once that to keep water in your empty jars. So if you are not able to get water you would have it in empty jars. We were always thinking of doing that.........but it never went beyond the think stage.... We do keep a very big container with water in just in case we would need it.
This day and age one never knows.

But we do know

God is good........................all the time.

To God Be The Glory