Sunday, February 24, 2013

Doing away with depression: Morning it 5 min or 5 hours

Winter depression has always struck me:
Be it a lack of sunshine, or being cooped up in the house. ....I do not know why.
it has always been such  a struggle for me.
counting the days to spring is good..........but living in the now is much better.
focusing on today and living it to the fullest.

But I love Joyce Meyer:

she speaks to me all the time she speaks to my heart

 She comes on our tv at 7:30 every morning   I find when I take  morning time for prayer to listen to teaching...for God time that my life is totally different. My days are so much better..

  It is so neat to be awake when the earth seems to come alive. When you hear the first bird sing in the spring....or the crack of dawn when the first light appears.

  When I fall away from my God time fear begins to enters in. depression....and it seems there becomes a distance between my Lord and me....

                                                     and believe me it is not Him that moved.

Forgive me Father......

Joyce s message today speaks right to my soul..... it is

When you are down,  do spiritual warfare..

Remember always that:

1 God lives in me
2 He sees me
3. He loves me all the time
4 He understands me.....
5.  He hears me...

We don't always get a good beginning but boy oh boy we can have a good finish...

Get up everyday and do our best.................. Lord Help me....

Jesus throws a come as you are party.  Religion gives us rules...religion says you have to .... Jesus says you want to.....

If you are feeling down and that no one cares...Remember and pray this prayer:

Any man who is in Christ is a new creature...All things become new...

Jesus died for me,  he loves me, hears me, sees me and understands me....
God I am so sorry for my sins I believe in Jesus
Please come and live with me give me a brand new start.

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To God Be The Glory