Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coconut Milk (Make your Own) But do not be like thedirections

Now this is the most simple recipe ever.....did I do it right?  Nope

But it is great......Frugal and you know what is in it..
 Make you own

Coconut Milk
  • 2 cups coconut shreds  bought at the organic Health store.  No sulfites... :)
  • 3 cups water if you’re using the blender method which I did
  1. Place shreds in a medium mixing boil
  2. Bring water to a near boil, then pour over the shreds and mix. Allow mixture to return to lukewarm/room temp.....  (which I did not do but should have.)
  3.  place in a blender for 60 seconds.
  4. Scoop mixture into a mesh bag and squeeze the milk into a medium bowl. Don’t waste those shreds! Repeat the process one more time  with the same coconut and then dry them to make your own coconut flour. Which is great if you are gluten free...
OK now what not to do.....
When I made this coconut Milk this morning the part I didnt do cause I read it somewhere on line and thought I could remember was so simple see.
I did not....  let the mixture return to lukewarm or room temp...   I my hurry 

I put it in the blender and turned it on high and whooaaaaaaa   boiling water came flying out down my arm...ouch....

SO Lesson learned....  read the directions good..........  :) 

Number two I did not do.......only used One heaping cup of Coconut....oops...
So have to do it again today.  
Made a smoothie with what I did make....(the weak Milk ) and must say it was very very good---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thank you Lord for the internet where we can find almost anything in the world in a split second.
It is like having the world's library at your fingertips...You know I could spend days at the library and spend way to much time on the internet.  Help me Lord....Help Me.

My great friend Sept send me the very funny video... have to share it for a good laugh.
This was truly a wedding everyone will remember.... Waffly wedded wife

Gifts for today
blender........and the promise of Spring.....  

God is good.............all the time

All the time God is good.................

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