Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making dog food.... OUR: Springer Spaniel lab meet Nyla

Making Dog Food
1/3rds is what I am doing

1/3  of Qunioa or rice
1/3 lbs of ground blended Vegtable frozen green beans, carrots, NO ONIONS
1/3 pound ground turkey or eggs for a cheaper protein.
is where I took my portions.

I have made it for years and always used different portions.  I put a small amount of flax in ours and some cheap olive oil for her coat.

If we do not blend the vegetables our dog gets sick..

not a pretty site.
Gifts given
our animals
warm blankets

God is good all the time................
    all the time God is good.

Peace makes the final decision...Even if I don't understand why...
Follow Peace.......
Let God have His way in your prayer ...

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