Saturday, January 26, 2013

Finnish Yogurt, Viili or Filia From Finland

Our neighbor Aunnie Juntinen and her family is from Finland. She is 100% Fin.  She is a wonderful neighbor.  

  She has always had Filia which is a like a yogurt brought from Finland by her friends and relative.   it is also called viili. 

 She gets a fresh start when they come here almost every year. She drinks it everyday and she is an amazing older women who is as sharp as a tack.  Talking with her is like taking a travel back in time.  

OK here is the very hard recipe. (Aunnie told me yesterday In a bowl it is called Filia and if it is in a jar they call it pina )

1 filia start  (1 cup of filia from finland)

When you get down to about a cup left.  Put it in a clean canning jar. Fill it with WHOLE milk. Than put the lid on and shake it up....

 Why this has not caught on in America is beyond me.  It is the easiest thing in the world to make.......and no Yogurt maker needed.

I like this in a smoothie,  LJ likes it in a bowl with fruit.So much better and cheaper than buying yogurt from the store.  

God is good all the time

Though out our years living in the UP we have  ask her for a start to make this which she so generously shares with us. We got a fresh start last week... This time I am not going to let it spoil.  Or at least try not too.

Filia:It has a very thick velvety texture.  The best thing about this is you just put it in a quart jar and let it set overnight on the counter or the warmest part of your kitchen and in the morning you have fresh Filia.  

put it in clean quart jar...........I use a canning jar
add to the top of jar whole milk.(.Aunnie says it has to be red cap milk..which is whole milk up here.)
Put lid on shake it up and let set warm spot overnight.

They like to fill the older jar with the milk first shake it up and than transfer it to the clean new cup of start leftNow that was hard right?  :)   
Always keep the last cup. This is your start for the new batch.  

The texture is hard for me to eat..but it is great to drink makes a wonderful smoothie and this is sooooooooooooooooo good for you.

The finished product.

Thankful for the gift of 
Canning Jars...

All the time God is good..............  


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to ship a little, 2 TBS of finished viili to me? I would pay! My email is:

  2. We have not figured out how to mail this yet...but my neighbor gave me an idea on how they brought it from Finland.


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