Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lent, Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Today is a very special day......

 because it is Ash Wednesday and
 two best friends are coming over for lunch
they are both going through such difficult times.
Pray that we can have a fun day a day to laugh and have some great women time.

Mr. Sun is supposed to shine and tubbie should be good.....  

What a fun time with bakerboy in town last night.
We ate out
he surprised me with beautiful flowers.
Had lots of laughs.  

God is Good
all the time

All the time......................God is good.

Pray for My cousin and wife.....
I love this angel....she is posted for all those who are fighting the Cancer fight. I will find and post the name of who made her...  This is for my Sissy and for my cousin's wife Joane who now has the battle for her life.  Please say a prayer for those family's and the many others and trust in Him for the outcome.  Pray for Peace, comfort, people to reach out to them and bless them.  

Thank you for this day Lord. Please show me what to do.........who we can bless.
God I Pray for You to close doors and not just open them

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