Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drying Spinach for Smoothies and soup

Drying Spinach:

We buy spinach almost every time we go to town.  Love that baby spinach.
One week  we forgot it in the bottom of my frig and had to throw most of it out. What a waste....... not only a waste of money but a waste of nutrition.

Yesterday a thought popped into my head of pulling out the food dryer and putting the rest of this weeks in the food dryer for our smoothies and soup. We dry our own in the fall.......and also Swiss Chard.

This work wonderful.......
Wash you spinach.....
Put on tray
Plug it in
and in about 12 hours or less.....you have dried spinach.  Which may keep for many many years...  

This is kind of a dark picture.  But 20 years or so we bought this food drier at a tag sale.
It has been one of the most  used things we have every bought.

We dry herbs, leeks, (which dry wonderful) blueberries. strawberries, apples,
squash, most things can be powdered after.  We use a coffee grinder.

My store bought spinach.  Not throwing it away now.
Yesterday's Smoothie
(which was really one of the best ones yet)

Dried Blueberries hand ful 
a bit honey
Filli or Yogurt about a cup
2 bananas 
handful of fresh spinach
about 20 frozen strawberries
some milk...either coconut or real milk. 
God is good.............all the time
All the time God is good.............

Gifts given
Food dryer
So thankful ,

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