Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Battles...... of the mind....

Notes and words from Joyce:

we can not go by how we feel
the bible says even in the mist of my battles
do not forget God loves you

You can be the one cheering someone else up.
The Lord has put on my heart we may be here for ONE  just one person can make such a difference.
Pray about everything.  Pray with out ceasing.
Help me Lord
Help me.......

We think some are unfair but
God is a God of justice
when someone hurts you by His grace do the part.
someone has hurt you know that  God is a God of justice.
We are more than a  conquerors ...right in the mist
Say I am more than a  conquerors  ........

Learn to pay attention to what is going on in our mind.
think about what you are thinking about
if you get depressed and discouraged...think happy thoughts
You can help what you think
the mind is the battlefield.

You have a mighty warrior a host of angels, the king of kings,  the Lord of Lords
the weapons of our warfare is a weapon that operates in your spirit.
we are spirit beings....

What do you believe?
the battle field of the mind....
We have trouble with our minds...renew our mind
do your own thinking
realize what you are thinking does not agree what God says.
Get behind me Satan.....
do your own thinking..what your thinking must agree with what God says.

do you feel like a solider....
do you act like a solider
No solider gets entangled in civilian life.
You live a life but do not get entangled we have a job to do
If God did not have something for you to do he would have beamed us up when we came to him.
always do your best
worship God..
Worship is wonderful
we are here to serve.  a transformed life is a greater sermon...than any words.'
Love God .......................worship Him,
Do not get others problems.
Do not let it suck the energy out of you
help but do not take their problems on.

The enemy can use well meaning people to suck you dry
get decent sleep it will help come against the enemy
If you feel bad you do not want to pray or stand on guard.
Hold your post
Hold your position,
Everyone wants you to do their thing...we want to do Gods thing..
Do not get bitter or anger stay in your heart.
Guard your heart.

The enemy will try and stop you...

Pray for someone and they act worse...

when you pray God works on them and they are worse cause they are under conviction.

Offensive weapons:
love people
God has anointed you to be king
You have to face ? Goliath
know who you are and who is on your side
We have power and authority
when God bless not get greedy.

make sure the more you have the more you give
the better your life is share everything with someones else
give first...that is how we battle greed and covetous...

I needed this....


My good friend text me yesterday  Liver cancer    We never know how fast our life can change Praying 🙏🙏🙏