Monday, March 4, 2013

What a great weekend.....

We saw the sun a few times this weekend.....and yes there were a few more snowflakes

The word today from Joyce:

Do not live a boring life
If you are bored it is your own fault.
Step out and do something different.

“The proof that you love someone is not that you have warm affectionate feelings toward them. The proof is in your actions, your words and your sacrifice, your willingness to give the best of yourself and your willingness to get nothing in return.” ~Katherine Waldren

This was a much needed quote and thanks my friend for sharing it with me.... I really needed to hear it.
It is amazing how we receive things just when we need them...
My thoughts were:
Where are they.???

I have always struggled with people not being thankful
You send gifts cards with money and you never
even hear if they got the package. EVER....  What is it?
Entitlement?  Inconsiderate?
This has been a struggle within me for years. 
And happens all the time...

Do you skip it next time? 

The Lord has put on my heart how wrong I have been.
Judging them                              forgive me
Why did I send the gift?
God has put on my heart unconditional love
It does not matter what they only matters my heart.
We do not give to get something in return....even a thank you...
We give out of love.....and because God has told us to...

Forgive me father.....

God is good all the time
All the time God is good......

To God Be The Glory