Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Notes for me from my morning with Joyce on Prayer: 

The less you talk about your problems the less problems you will have.

Pray and say.... don't pray and say something against what you pray
say what you pray... don't say the opposite...

Do not say nothing is going to change after you pray for change...  

Praise God for teaching us to pray.....

Thank you Lord for prayer for our walk with you.  We can bring anything to you..
Thank you for the gift of prayer....

When we Pray we

 say something that enhances our prayers.

 Be Positive have faith filled words... have faith God has heard our prayer.

God........... I believe you are working in my life.

God works in secret...

Be positive and believe God is working in this situation.

Do not worry

Trust God that God will do it if it is right and the right time.
  And pray for  His will for our life.

Ask and keep on asking ask with thanksgiving...keep on praying

Pray our way through the day.....

Lord please help me today me.

God heals through many diff ways...

all technology comes from God...
Gods word is true.....
Honor our bodies do what we can do to be healthy...

God hears our prayers...... hallelujah

We forget the amazing things God has done for us...

Jesus is still our healer....receive healing....emotional, addiction, mental, physical healing....

Psalm 107-20
 He sent out his word and healed them;
    he rescued them from the grave.

God can do this....believe have a positive metal attitude..renew your mind.

Faith comes from hearing the word of God...Believe God can do something.
Get stirred up
gifts of
prayer thankful....


To God Be The Glory