Thursday, June 20, 2013

Expect something Good to happen.....

Expect something good in your life
Worry begins with a thought
Faith starts in our heart.


Or Choose
Trust the Lord
Loving thoughts
Cast our cares on God.


Pitch and throw....
I am not going to put up with fear
anxiety and do not let Satan steal my joy

Worry sees the problem....look at it squarely...Faith sees God can handle the problem.
Romans 4:18

Pray trust God and

What ever situation you have to know God is greater than any problem
Prayer is something you do instead of worry....
Faith sees God......sees God with its heart..
Without faith it is impossible to please God.
He is.....  He is......... right here right now...God is here right now...

He is with you
He is with you all the time....
Spirit is with you and never leaves you or forsakes you
He is the great I AM......

He has a plan...not our time but at the right time...
God is working in your life right now in ways you cannot feel know or understand.
Just because it does not feel good does not mean God is not working

God I believe you are working in my life right now.

Pray for help...

God is with you
Do not waste time on yesterday or today
Do it on purpose.....
Do not have a thought beyond what you are doing right now
Live for the moment....get the manna for today
take things one at a time...God will give you what you need when you need it....

Show faith
 refuse to think or worry about it..
God has brought me from some places I never thought I could recover from
The promises of God are for you...
Matthew  14:25  

God deals with the problem in two ways..
He will remove the problem
or will give you the strength grace to go through the problem...
be satisfied either way....we leave the choice to God
Something we get out of it that we need..
If God is with you and you know that
You believe He is directing you and you are growing
growth hurts.
Trust God...say I trust God....

Everything is not Rosie all the time  in anyone's life....

Trust His timing, wisdom,

notes from Joyce

I need this.........

God is good all the time

All the time God is good...........

To God Be The Glory