Tuesday, July 2, 2013

God will take care of us....Be Content

Do not be controlled by emotions....Be angry and sin not....do not let the sun go down on your anger.
I am stable...help me Lord help me..help me help me....

We have to learn to be content

We can not worry,  learn how to love our life
Do the best we can

Do not fight things you can not do anything about.

Be in God's will....only God can give the gift.

Fig out what you can do..
What is making you discontent.....???

I am tired of being discontent.
If I get my way I am going to be happy
If I dont get my way I am going to be happy.....
The most blessed thing in the world is to not get your way and be just as happy.
There is always going to be circumstances

 do not let them control your joy
God is in control
God will surprise you and you

I am content
and I am emotionally stable.

Trust God.....learn to be content
does not do any good to be upset

Grief......... one of lifes many journeys

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