Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What a week....a week of reflection

(This post was a week ago and for some reason never posted so it must be meant to post today... )

Well everything is not always Rosie for sure. ...  a local 17 year old hit a tree and died
2.  A friend with cancer went to heaven
3.  A friend's nephew jumped in river and tried to end his life
4.  Another friend is battling a sickness that has went on way way to long.

Where is God in all this?

We question and wonder.... I know I did when my son was tragically taken at the young age of  34.  way to young... Mom's are not supposed to bury their children.  Yet it happens all the time.

 Mary saw hers beat tried and convicted for not one wrong thing.  Saw Him nailed to the cross.  A perfect child.  ..... heartbroken.  He did it all for us....for you and me.that we might live in eternity with HIM..the perfect one.  .

 Some things we just do not understand...  we never will.....we are not supposed to......we are just to TRUST GOD...  He is the blessed Controller of all things.   He does mighty things..  The great I AM....

We do not try to fig it out...cause we can is exhausting...  WE TRUST GOD...  He is our ROCK

Praise Him for all ...the good the bad and the in between.....  All for a reason.....  

Blessings on the day.....

To God Be The Glory