Friday, March 14, 2014

Be led By Holy Spirit


MY notes for my mind....

Every believer can be led by Holy Spirit. 

How to hear from God

Learn to discern. 

 Walk in faith. 

Do not be afraid.  Get with God.  Follow peace. 

Follow moral law but not the law.  be led by Holy spirit

Gods spirit is in me. He leads me and guide s me. 
1st john 2:27

Anointing is not just for ministry. 

You do not have to be afraid.  What ever comes you are up   for it and can do it. 

Romans 7:4 

  I can hear from God.

Stop counting.   Stand fast.   Law of love.  Follow promoting of Holy Spirit.


Gods not just in church.

 He helps you with everything you do. 

Ask him to help us to be led by Holy Spirit. 

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