Monday, March 10, 2014

Be thankful and say so

When words are many, sin is not absent, but he 

who holds his tongue is wise.

In everything give thanks

There is Power in being thankful

Anne V. says being thankful makes one 25% 

happier.  Praise God...

Be thankful in every situation.....

Be thankful and say so...

Numbers chapter 11 verse one:

People crumbled.....

trails make us grow up and mature..  

someday you 

will realize what you thought was your greatest 

enemy was your best friend.

Do not spend your life at the complaint counter...

No matter what you dont have.......

Being thankful effects every area of my life.

Our angels go to work....

Be  thankful for everything..

The angels are effected by the words of our mouth

We are so blessed. 

 I pray..

Lord give me a grateful heart.

Do not even spend 5 min complaining


God is good all the time

     All the time God is good..........


So thankful 

for winter... for a time of rest

For our great grands, grands and children

Sunshine.... it makes me happy

For water that has not frozen up....


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