Sunday, March 16, 2014

Going back home.......with Rosie roadtrek..

After a wonderful week with family and friends we are headed back to great  UP..have to take care of some business.

We are loving our new to us Rosie2..

We are finding new things about her everyday...

Lj has decided to  leave truck downstate at sons, and he had the idea to take my girlfriend Karen up to spend a week with her grands...  

How great is our God....  wow 

she recently lost her job due to plant closing.  We are bringing her back after a week...

she is so excited.

so happy for her.  and for LJ for being so thoughtful.

God is good all the time

all the time God is good..........

30/30 challenge 
Notes to me:

Everyday we get to choose. 

We can choose fear
                          or Faith,

 Getting in the word helps us choose faith.

The words can heal and change my life

Don't just look.

                guide your life.

 Change my mind. 

Change my life.

Have everything Jesus died to give us. 

 Don't just read study.

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